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Ultra Adware Killer is a rogue application, which installs itself on your computer and pretends to be an actual Adware program. When you click through the fake application, it will usually show a pop-up that asks if you want to enable the application for installation. Once you click yes, the application starts running and then pretends to scan your system for various "types of adware".

However, it's important to note that this application is nothing but a fake and it's designed to try and trick you into buying its software. If you encounter this scam, you should avoid downloading any software from the Internet at all costs. Also, if you are on a Windows PC, you should not install Ultra Adware Killer onto your PC at all as it is a fake application and has been designed to specifically steal your personal information. Not only does Ultra Adware Killer steal your personal information (such as your banking and credit card numbers), it also installs a key logger software tool which can view your Internet traffic and steal your passwords & security codes. It's recommended you remove this software from your computer immediately to prevent it from stealing your personal information.

If you want to get rid of Ultra Adware Killer, you need to be able to download free software that will do the job. The typical way to get rid of these rogue software programs is to use a 'malware removal tool'. A'malware removal tool' is a program that's been designed to scan through your PC and remove the various parts of the infection that Ultra Adware Killer places on your PC. By using an anti-malware tool to get rid of this virus, you'll not only get rid of the fake application, but you'll also get rid of all the damaged files and settings that it had inside your system, which will mean your PC will be running much faster & smoother as a result. We've found the most reliable software program to get rid of this infection is one called XoftSpy - a leading anti-malware tool developed by a large Canadian software company.

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